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Business Advisory

Interested in the Management Capability Fund from NZTE?We’re delighted to be listed as a co-funded service provider for the NZ Government Regional Business Partner Network.

Find our marketing services for the Management Capability Fund on the official site.

The Regional Business Advisory exists to allow SME businesses to access co-funded support to help SMEs continue to grow. Our services below are listed with the Management Capability Development fund where you may be able to access 50% funding on the official site.  Note, the amount will be set by your Growth Advisor. If you’ve already applied and been accepted for the Management Capability fund, mention us when you next speak to your Growth Advisor.

Through our experience so far in helping advise our clients on how to build their customer experience and brand offering, we’ve created a few packages. Naturally, we tailor our advisory to your business with the help of your Growth Advisor. Summarised below are some key needs we’ve addressed in a series of Workshops and packages to help you refine your brand strategy. We aim for these to reflect the evolved needs of your customers and employees  (especially through digital enablement), to sustain you all through this complicated economic period.

Remember, all funding is at the discretion of your Growth Advisor and the Regional Business Advisory. Got questions? Chat to our team.

BRAND BOOTCAMP: 6 Weeks to a Stronger, Leaner, More Resilient Business

Looking for quick wins to boost your business? Join our Bootcamp-style training to develop your "Business Muscle." In today's lean and ever-evolving market, you need agile, affordable solutions that your team can implement for instant impact. We understand you're busy, so we'll deliver the training Tabata-style, giving you time to recover between sessions. Strengthen your core marketing plan for long-term stability and achieve a consistent brand purpose.

Content: Choose any 5 modules you'd like to learn:
* Putting Customers First: Align your business's core values with customer insights.
* Understanding Changing Customer Needs: Utilize Journey Mapping and Pivotal Key Moments to understand how customers interact with your products or services in real life.
* Email Marketing and List Management: Best practices and pitfalls to avoid.
* Social Media Planning and Engagement: Why it matters and how to effectively activate it.
* Content Planning: Learn the basics of Paid, Owned, and Earned channels.
* Developing a Brand Tone that Resonates with Customers' Unmet Emotional Needs.
* Smart Data Usage and Targeting.
* SEO and Organic Search: Optimize your content and platforms.
* Technology and Blueprinting: Choose sensible solutions and suppliers.
* Commercializing Products for Market or Export.

Here's the detail

BRAND BOOTCAMP: 6 Weeks to a Stronger, Leaner, More Resilient Business

The Brand Bootcamp has been developed to deliver Quick Wins for businesses needing support and advisory. Like any good Bootcamp, we’ll put you through your paces to build ‘business muscle’. We get it: P&Ls are lean, marketing spend almost non-extistant and customers needs are changing rapidly. What you require are agile, workable, inexpensive solutions that you and your team can implement yourself to make instant impact. The aim is to help you strengthen your marketing plan to weather this bumpy, uncertain road with stability. We want your business to come out stronger with a consistent, clear brand purpose whilst maintaining your market share of voice.


If you need help assessing your marketing efforts and prioritizing online channels, we're here for you. We'll guide you in building a Customer Experience plan that prioritizes digital platforms while still considering traditional marketing. Our training consists of four sessions, spread out according to your schedule, to develop a strong foundational strategy.

Here's what we'll cover:

Defining Brand Values
Developing Consumer Insights
Creating Brand Guidelines
Identifying online channels for customer engagement and acquisition
Applying a consistent look and feel
Collecting and utilizing consumer data
Setting measurable KPIs for success
The content will be customized to meet your specific business needs, and we'll provide phone and email support to help you get started. Each session will last approximately three hours.

Need something more specific on the advice of your Growth Advisor? Get in touch, and we will see what we can do to create a package that fits the Management Capability Development fund.

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