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We’re delighted to be listed as a co-funded Partner for the Government Regional Business Advisory

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The Regional Business Advisory has been developed to allow SME businesses to access the  co-funded support to help SMEs continue to grow especially since the COVID-19 economic period. Our services below are listed with the Management Capability programme and 50% funded on the official site.  If you’ve already applied and been accepted for the Management Capability fund, just mention us when you next speak to your Growth Advisor.


Through our experience so far in adapting client work and responding to their changing needs during COVID-19, we’ve summarised some key needs into a series of Workshops and packages to help pivot and refine your existing brand strategy and tone so that it stays true to your core values and voice. We aim for these to reflect the evolved needs of your customers and employees  (especially through digital enablement), to sustain them – and your business through this complicated period.

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COVID-19 BRAND BOOTCAMP: 6 Weeks to a Stronger, Leaner, More Resilient Business

The Brand Bootcamp has been developed to deliver Quick Wins for businesses needing support during this COVID-19 period. Like any good Bootcamp, we’ll put you through your paces to build ‘business muscle’. We get it: P&Ls are lean, marketing spend almost non-extistant and customers needs are changing rapidly. What you require are agile, workable, inexpensive solutions that you and your team can implement yourself to make instant impact. The aim is to help you strengthen your marketing plan to weather this bumpy, uncertain road with stability. We want your business to come out stronger with a consistent, clear brand purpose whilst maintaining your market share of voice.

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COMMERCIALISATION DURING COVID-19: Revising your Commercial Plan for a New Course of Action

Commercialisation is a journey of many steps and for many the route to Market has dramatically changed. This package is suitable for Business Leaders or Owners who feel the need to reassess their commercialisation vehicle and business structures required to cope with the changes going on in the world.
In this programme we'll a stress test your existing commercial plan and discuss new courses of action based on how has the situation changed; review the practical considerations such as legal issues, governance, licensing or protection of IP; talk about cash analysis around funding of R&D, protection of IP and sustaining future planning and co-ordinating a plan of action with emphasis on flexibility and adaptability.

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SCALING SPEND, BUILDING BUSINESS: Selecting Marketing Channels and Tactics for Tighter Budgets

If your Marketing Budget feels non-existant while you're keeping the home fires burning, we'll help you get a plan in place to keep your brand messaging active through less expensive, harder working channels. We'll help you to create a Marketing Plan for the next 6 months to put your Owned and Earned Channels to work; audit your SEO and create a relevant, accessible Content Plan. We're talking Email; Social Media; great web content and organic search. Advocacy and Affiliation have never been more important. We'll talk about the importance of retaining Share of Voice now so that your brand makes it robustly to the flip side.

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COVID-19 LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE: War-Gaming Tactics for Reorientation in Challenging Times

Whilst the world starts to slowly realign to a new way of existing, business leaders must be ahead of the game, rolling out freshly conceived plans to navigate into new opportunities.
Use this workshop to explore various ideas around how to reorientate your thinking to the challenges ahead, discuss different models of approach and war-game new strategies to keep your business ahead of the competition.

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If COVID-19 has prompted you to really assess your marketing for the first time, we're here to help. You know online channels are especially important now more than ever so our focus is to build a Customer Experience plan that is digital-first - but works for your traditional marketing too. We'll help you develop a plan that will last you into the future - not just for times of crisis.
Over 4 sessions we will guide you through the basics including: Defining Brand Values; Developing Consumer Insights; Creating Brand Guideline; Defining online channels to connect with your customers or acquire new ones; Applying look and feel; Collecting consumer data and its usage; Setting KPI Measures for success

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Need something more specific for COVID-19? Get in touch and we will see what we can do to create a package to help.