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Genuine Connection starts with Good CX

Deeply Satisfying

Customer Experiences start here

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Discover the unmet need

What exactly are the deepest desires of your customers? Their unmet needs?
All those intricate little details that would make them fall deeply for your brand?

Deepen Understanding

Need help you build intimacy with your customers?
By thinking deeply to find CX insights, our agency thoughtfully design services, data capture and technology to deliver truly amazing Customer Experiences.

Genuinely Connect

The glue in any great relationship is true connection. This comes from the deep understanding that emerges when we really listen, learn from and understand one another. Why would we want anything different from our relationships with brands?

Your brand story starts here

If it's time to bring your customer experience to life, our CX consultants are ready to hear all about it. So let’s get on with conjuring up some love potion…

Therapy for your brand

First, let's get your story straight.

Feel like your customers aren't as infatuated with your brand they should be? Or not seeing the whole package? Chances are, you need to tell your story differently. In a way that has them nodding along, and feeling like you really "get them". First, our CX consultants start by hearing you and your team tell us all about what you do. And then, how you think your customers experience it? We'll challenge this, hypothesis and then retell that story, relevantly and creatively. In ways that resound with individuals, at a very human level.

Is your brand delivering amazing customer experience? You know, that special blend of CX that makes them feel truly satisfied through every interaction? Fortunately, at Good CX we specialise in making sure your customers ‘get you’ and you ‘get them them’.

So, we provide a range of tailored CX services that make your customer feel understood and their needs met. As a customer experience design agency who are also data experts, our focus is on CX services that deliver differentiated and tailored customer experiences across diverse touchpoints.

This means, whether you are starting out with SEO, diving into a brand strategy, or building a UX-led website, we can help. It helps that our experience comes from leading the planning and strategic direction of a global suite of big brands. To name a few, we’ve earned our stripes leading the global customer experience consulting for brands like Dove, Fonterra and GM Europe. So coming home to form Good CX, we understand the importance of treating millions of customers like they’re the only person in the room.

Get started with New Zealand’s specialist customer experience design agency today.

Our Specialities

Been Booty Calling your customers? Thought so... It's time to start treating them like someone you’d take home for dinner with your mum. Get cookin' with customer experience consulting.

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What They’re Saying

We’ve always been passionate about our solution, Liz was able to bring us together and pull the emotive insights out from within us, rather than telling us about our brand, she facilitated having everyone involved because she didn’t arrive here trying to tell us about our own business. It’s your ideas she’s bringing to life, which brought a level of authenticity to us that was crucial.

Carmen VicelichCEO, Valocity Global

Liz was amazing to work with. I learned so much about myself, the business I'm in, and my clients/customers as we went through Liz's processes. I can't speak highly enough about how much Liz 'gets it'. It didn't take her long to figure out exactly what I needed and help me come up with a plan to help me realise it myself! I was blown away by the quality of the work I got done with Liz in the time we had to get things done. If you are looking for someone who can help you truly understand your business and develop your own understanding about what you are offering to your clients..... and build your brand with that focus, then you need to get in touch with Good CX.

Scott ChamberlainLegal Partner, Connect Legal

It was a pleasure working with the Good CX team as they demonstrated high levels of empathy providing us with great insights to elevate our thinking and improve our business. The programme we went through with Good CX helped us understand at a deeper level who we are and what we have to offer. As a result of this, we have already taken actions to reframe our brand, refine our marketing and sales strategies and plans.

Jude NorcrossChange Solution Design Director

Liz is a Powerhouse!

Arlette FarlandDirector, Computaleta Group

Our business needs were unique and GoodCX were able to provide a customised service addressing those specific needs. Elizabeth is well informed, thoughful and thorough with her work.

Kelly NorrisManaging Director, Mappazzo & Traak

Good CX worked with me to create a Personal Branding Strategy which will overlay into my business rebranding plan. This was a really fresh approach: to consider that my company success is likely to be the result of the personal attributes. Good CX used their research tool to get insights from my inner circle as well as auditing the status quo of the business & competitive space. We looked at how my client base sees these attributes as real differentiators and benefits, and ultimately, that what makes my customer experience unique and valuable is my own belief system. I'm excited to start bringing this to life with Good CX as my coach.

Donna CotterillFounder, Opulence Interiors

Creating, birthing and nurturing a fledgling business that is unique, and almost part of who I am, is a vulnerable thing to do.

Having someone handle my ideas, the essence of my business is again, vulnerable. And it requires trust. Trust, knowing that someone else will handle it with care, yet candid honesty, they they’ll see its sparkling potential, hear its heartbeat and share in the excitement of its unfolding.

That’s my experience working with Liz.

Liz’s gift, talent and skilful expertise lies in being able to listen deeply, distill, and translate all of that into a story that ripples into the hearts and minds of ideal customers, and inspires them to want to engage with me so that I can, in turn, contribute positively to their lives.

Liz is warm, high energy, high focus, bursting with ideas and passionate about establishing genuine connection with her clients, and their customers.

This story is still unfolding, so be sure to stay tuned for its exciting debut.

Bonita NuttallBonita Nuttall Public Speaking

Good CX led a well-planned, well-structured and highly informative workshop on developing our Brand. Liz's highly personable manner meant that we really felt like she was part of our team. The outputs of this workshop have lead to the development of a differentiated brand offering that we love and will lead to more business for us. Thank you Liz!

Rebecca BrookRise | Growth Advisers

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.

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