Hello You.

We’re Good CX, A Customer Experience Agency Located In Auckland – & Virtually everywhere else. We’d like to get to know you better… Don’t Be Shy.

Let’s take it to the next level.

You know you want to.


What exactly are the deepest desires of your customers? Their unmet needs? All those intricate little details that would make them fall deeply for your brand?

Good CX is here to help you build intimacy with your customer. We think deeply to find insights, thoughtfully design data capture and technology to deliver truly amazing Customer Experiences.

Why? Because the glue in any great relationship is true connection. Connection that comes from the deep understanding that emerges when we really listen, learn from and understand one another. Why would we want anything different from our relationships with brands?

So let’s get on with conjuring up some love potion…

Ready to start treating your customers like someone you’d take home for dinner with your mum instead of a 3 am Booty Call?

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Brand Insight

From creating a Brand Architecture to Insight Development & briefing, we start by understanding your customer’s unmet need.

Brand Platforms

The heart of your customer experience lies within your brand platform. We design content and platforms that have your customer’s needs at their heart.

Customer Journey Mapping

Starting with Persona development, we create Journey Maps that anticipate the needs of different customers and their unique paths of brand interaction and User Experience.

Data Planning

Understanding your customer means delivering them tailored, data driven experiences. We do this by helping you build Single Customer Views – bringing all of your data into one place – for one individual customer. Just the way it should be.

Design Thinking

Drawing from all of our planning strands we pull everything together to create amazing, holistic customer experiences and playbooks.

Technology Blueprinting

We listen to what you’ve got, how you’re using it and find sensible, lightweight, inexpensive solutions to address what you need to move forward.

Personal Data Protection

Respecting your customer starts with protecting their data. We take Data Privacy and Governance seriously and make sure you tick all the boxes.

Growth Planning

Understanding the success of the CX work is key to future growth. We measure success with KPIs from Recency, Frequency to Advocacy and Affiliation.

Behavioural Insights

Data Discovery

Technology Blueprinting

Marketing Dashboard

Digital Content

Playbooks & Frameworks

We Discover The Deepest Desires of Customers