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Great Customer Experience starts with focused CX consultants

Are you looking for a Customer Experience specialist in Auckland? At Good CX, we believe in building genuine connections between you and your customers. So, if you’re looking for CX experts who are dedicated Customer Experience specialists, you’ve found them! As strategic CX planners, we focus on coming up with insight-driven propositions. Why? It takes deep thinking to properly humanises the offering of your brand. So get ready to apply this approach as we map and build fantastic customer journeys. From Dashboards to Brand Strategy, we have a variety of CX services on offer.

Understand the Unmet Needs of your customers.

Cracking your customers’ elusive “unmet need” can enable your brand to bring excellent customer experiences to play. Naturally, you’re striving to deliver innovative ideas that can be applied to your tactical marketing and capture the hearts of your customers. Let us help you get there faster.

You need flexibility as you grow your CX offering. So, our Customer Experience specialists blend our consultancy and project management expertise with deep industry knowledge. As a virtual resource, we can work alongside your team, and, on request, we can bring on board the best delivery specialists for the task at hand. Among our team of CX evangelists, we have Developers, SEO, UX/UI, copywriters and designers.

Customer Experience from Auckland to Warsaw – we can do long-distance relationships.

Over the last 20 years, we’ve loved working on some groundbreaking global, scalable projects. That’s how we’ve built a community of trusted global partners to support in-market activation. Based on our experience, we’ve selected experts in their fields and regions. Our Global Network of specialist Partners stretches from Australasia to Asia, from Central to Eastern Europe.

With CX hubs in Auckland, New Zealand, London, UK and Warsaw, Poland, you’ll find we can scale with your business at home or abroad. Moreover, it means we’re collaborating round the clock delivering on all sorts of Global projects. From SEO to web development, our development teams and amazing UX & Figma designers are making the magic happen while you sleep!

So, if getting the job done is about getting the best people on board for your business, chat with our Auckland-based Customer Experience team.

Liz Pinfold Reed | CX Brand Planner

Liz Reed

CX Strategy Director

A self-confessed Data Geek & Storyteller extraordinaire, passionate about creating genuine connection between brands and their customers.
Richard Pinfold

Richard Pinfold

Managing Partner

A military history buff with a “been there, done that” background from raising Venture Capital to Commercialising nanotechnology projects in NZ and Europe.
Stuart Reed | Good CX Ltd

Stu Reed

Finance Director

Maths is Stu's superpower. Passionate about spreadsheets and P&L. No seriously.
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Countries worked on

Frequently asked questions

What is CX and why is it important for my brand?

CX, or customer experience, is the perception customers have about your brand based on their interactions with it. It encompasses every touchpoint and shapes their overall impression. CX is crucial for your brand because it directly impacts customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. By delivering exceptional experiences, you can differentiate your brand, build trust, and ultimately drive business growth.

How can I effectively gather customer feedback to improve my CX?

To gather valuable customer feedback, you can utilize various methods such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, and social media listening. Utilizing both quantitative data (like ratings and scores) and qualitative insights (like open-ended questions) will provide a comprehensive understanding of your customers’ needs, expectations, and pain points. The key is to actively listen, take action based on feedback, and continuously iterate to enhance your CX.

What are some commonly used CX metrics and how do I interpret them for my brand?

Common CX metrics include Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and Customer Effort Score (CES). NPS measures loyalty, CSAT gauges satisfaction, and CES assesses ease of doing business. When interpreting these metrics for your brand, it’s important to establish benchmark scores, track trends over time, and compare results with industry standards. Additionally, delve deeper into customer comments to uncover valuable insights behind the scores.

How can I personalize my CX tactics to better resonate with my customers?

Personalization involves tailoring experiences to meet individual customer needs and preferences. Leverage customer data to understand their behaviors, demographics, and purchase history. Utilize this data to deliver personalized recommendations, targeted marketing campaigns, and tailored communication across multiple channels. By making customers feel understood and valued, you’ll foster stronger connections and loyalty.

What role does technology play in improving CX, and what are some of the latest trends to keep in mind?

Technology plays a vital role in enhancing CX. It enables personalized experiences, streamlined processes, and efficient support. Some key trends to consider include AI-powered chatbots for instant assistance, omnichannel integration for consistent experiences across platforms, and data analytics for deeper customer insights. Embracing emerging technologies will help your brand stay ahead and deliver exceptional, forward-thinking experiences.

How do I identify and address pain points in my customer journey?

Identifying pain points involves analyzing customer feedback, conducting journey mapping exercises, and monitoring key touchpoints for issues. By identifying areas where customers face challenges, whether it’s a slow checkout process or unresponsive customer service, you can prioritize improvement initiatives. Address these pain points by implementing solutions that simplify processes, improve communication, and foster a frictionless experience.

What are some best practices for training my team to provide exceptional CX?

Training your team to provide exceptional CX starts with establishing a customer-centric culture. Encourage empathy, active listening, and problem-solving skills. Provide comprehensive product and service knowledge to empower employees to deliver personalized and accurate support. Foster ongoing training and development opportunities to keep them updated on the latest CX techniques. Recognize and reward exceptional customer-focused behaviors to motivate and reinforce positive CX practices.

How can I use customer data to inform and improve my CX strategies?

Customer data is a treasure trove of insights for improving CX. Analyze data to identify trends, patterns, and customer preferences. Use this information to personalize experiences, identify upsell or cross-sell opportunities, and predict customer needs. Leverage advanced analytics tools to gain a deep understanding of customer behavior and sentiment. Remember to respect privacy and comply with data protection regulations.

What are some tactics for improving CX on social media channels?

To improve CX on social media, actively engage with customers by responding promptly and authentically to their queries, concerns, and feedback. Monitor brand mentions and join relevant conversations to foster a sense of community. Create compelling content that resonates with your audience and encourages interaction. Implement social media listening tools to track sentiments and identify opportunities for improvement.

How can I measure the ROI of my CX strategies and demonstrate the value to stakeholders?

Measuring the ROI of CX strategies involves quantifying the impact of these strategies on key business metrics such as revenue, customer acquisition, retention, and customer lifetime value. Utilize the metrics mentioned earlier, such as NPS and CSAT, to track improvements and correlate them with business outcomes. Additionally, gather testimonials, case studies, and customer success stories as qualitative evidence to demonstrate the value of your CX initiatives.

What is CX, or customer experience?

CX, or customer experience, refers to the overall satisfaction and impression that customers have after interacting with a company or brand. It encompasses all aspects of the customer journey, from the initial interaction to post-sales support.

What role does empathy play in CX?

Empathy is a critical component of CX. By empathizing with customers and understanding their emotions and needs, companies can create more meaningful and relevant experiences. Empathy fosters trust and connection, making customers feel valued and understood throughout their journey with the brand.

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