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At Good CX, we believe in delivering with expertise. We pride ourselves on being dedicated Customer Experience specialists. As strategic planners, we focus on coming up with insight-driven propositions. Why? It’s this deep thinking that humanises the offering of a brand. That’s how we map and build amazing customer journeys.

Cracking that elusive “unmet need” of customers is what enables brands to bring great customer experiences to play. We strive to deliver innovative ideas that can be applied to your tactical marketing and capture the hearts of your customers.

We blend our consultancy and project management expertise with deep industry knowledge.  As a virtual resource, we can work alongside your team, and, if you need it, bring on board the best delivery specialists for the task at hand.

Over the last 20 years, we’ve loved working on some really groundbreaking global, scalable projects.  We are fortunate to have built a community of trusted partners. Based on our experience, we consider them to be experts in their fields and their regions. Our Global Network of specialist  Partners stretches from Australasia to Asia, from Central to Eastern Europe.

With hubs in Auckland, New Zealand and Warsaw, Poland, we’ve got our grow-on. So, we’re collaborating round the clock delivering on all sorts of projects: like SEO & web development with our digital partner, Envigo, or UX amazing designers.

If getting the job done is about getting the best people on board for your business, chat with us.

Liz Reed

Liz Reed

CX Strategy Director

A self-confessed Data Geek & Storyteller extraordinaire, passionate about creating genuine connection between brands and their customers.
Richard Pinfold

Richard Pinfold

Managing Partner

A military history buff with a “been there, done that” background from raising Venture Capital to Commercialising nanotechnology projects in NZ and Europe.
Stu Reed

Stu Reed

Finance Director

Maths is Stu's superpower. Passionate about spreadsheets and P&L. No seriously.
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