Brand Strategy

SME Financial underwent a rebranding exercise. Kicking off with a workshop, we reset their brand proposition around a new brand insight: The importance of mutual success and trust. Taking time to understand their SME clients clearly, we created a new Brand Guideline and overlayed a multi-channel strategy.

Rebranding Platforms

Previously, SME Financial had not needed a significant digital footprint. By rebuilding and optimising all brand channels we were able to create a consistent, customer-focused design. From the new website to business cards & social, SME now has a set of guidelines to deliver a seamless customer experience.

Bringing the team story to life

Creating authentic visual and written content is important to brand asset development. This includes developing client stories, and featuring the team at work with their clients. Several customers were delighted to tell their business stories and how SME have helped them succeed.

Developing Partnerships

Working with important trade partners and excellent software is a focus to SME’s strategy.  As Xero Gold Champion Partners and preferred SimPro Software Providers, SME is a natural cobrand fit. Focusing on similar audiences means there’s mutual benefit for co-branding in the Accounting ecosystem.

eBook Assets

Foraying into lead generation with PPC requires great content. The ‘Tradie’s Guide to Going Out on Your Own” has been useful and valuable download for the construction leads who make up the core business. Downloads have far exceeded predictions by about 9X. A new segment of Tradies was created for further communication.

Optimizing Search

SEO has been an important part of the SME strategy. Not exclusive to using customer-centric meta descriptions and keywords that match clear copy. But in building relevant, indexable content and backlinks through social channels and robust partners like SimPro & Xero

Xero case study SME Financial

Believers in Mutual Success

The team at SME Financial started a rebrand in 2020 across their marketing portfolio. It quickly became clear to us that these tech-forward Financial Advisers value the benefits of streamlining and simplifying systems. Not only do they advise their own clients to be tech-forward, but are open to adopting tech in their marketing. Clever software and technology are indispensable foundations for good business in their opinion. They include good UX/UI in their tech-forward approach. As Xero Gold Partners and SimPro experts, SME Financial can then get on with the Financial advisory and mentoring that grows small businesses into medium ones – and medium businesses into super-profitable enterprises.

While creating SME’s case studies, we go to see first-hand how the team work. Being a Virtual CFO doesn’t mean being hands-off. In fact, getting together on the floor is very important. So, we wanted to show the team ‘at work’ as is the case with many of their clients. Trusting in each other has built mutual success and long-term relationships. Now SME Financial have reshaped their brand strategy around this idea.

Read the SME Financial Client Story.

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