Personal Branding

IMA Services is the forerunner for NZ Infrastructure Assurance. Tasked to bring the brand to life, we looked at expanding the peronal brand built on the stellar reputation of one of New Zealand’s leading Infrasureture Assurance experts, Shelley Keery.

Creative Articulation

The IMA proposition of ‘Demanding Brilliant Clarity’ created the basis for a creative brief. That’s because we felt that materiality matters when it comes to big infrastructure projects. A service philosophy of Clarity, brilliance, and transparency comes through in every touchpoint.

Web Development

To optimize user experience, the IMA site is a search-first design. SEO was written in advance to guide the copy, and then the voice of the business was overlaid. For users, it helps them find out relevant and useful information for the industry. The simple SEO structure can grow with the business.

Content Leadership

As trusted advisors on multi-million dollar projects, thought leadership is important to IMA. So, content addresses big questions with smart, useful answers. With a place for regular opinion pieces on blog, LinkedIn is also an important channel.

Pioneering Infrastructure Assurance in NZ

As the infrastructure sector expands exponentially, the significance of impeccable assurance cannot be overlooked. IMA Services has been at the forefront of pioneering best-in-class Infrastructure Assurance solutions. Their commitment to excellence and attention to detail have earned them a stellar reputation in the industry.

The IMA Services Difference

What sets IMA Services apart from the competition is its unwavering dedication to providing clients with clarity, transparency, and valuable insights. Their team, led by the visionary leader Shelley, embodies a deep understanding of materiality, further enhancing their ability to deliver unparalleled results.

IMA website

On the job

With a clear strategy in place supported by distinct brand guidelines, it was easy to roll out some simple brand assets across social channels. Having the real faces of a business always builds credibility.

Partnering with project teams for periods of time is a requirement of taking on an Assurance expert, so the clearer we can build the picture of the person who will be an extended team, the better. Getting regular images of the real people at IMA is an important aspect of their communication. So short, sharp photoshoots are a simple ways to showcase the unique personalities of the IMA team.

Creating relevancy and context

Creating content and articles that answer the big questions on infrastructure roadmaps is part and parcel of the ongoing plan to support clients.  Real, tailormade content, depicting the business makes the creative job so much more fulfilling. Having a bank of imagery that allows us to create tactics that drive engagement and spark interest. As Linkedin is a major channel, staff imagery is extra valuable and helps the audience see how genuinely IMA Services stand by their service.

Previously an arm of SME Financial, clients are able to see the connection between the two brands on shared channels.