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Deleted any cheeky emails about Google Analytics 4 lately? Something about UA or GA3 popped into your inbox and thought you might just ignore it? Uh huh? Guilty as charged. Frustrating is one word for it. Confusing is another. Fortunately, the Good CX team are here to help. Because whether you like it or not, if your website runs Google Universal Analytics, this applies to you, my friend.

Exactly what’s happening to Universal Analytics (UA or GA3)? And why should you care.

Google has announced Google Analytics 4 as the successor of currently used Universal Analytics (UA or GA3). So, you know that GA Dashboard that tells you about your website performance? Soon it’s going to be gone. Not on vacay. Gone. Gone burger.

According to Google, “on July 1, 2023, standard Universal Analytics properties will no longer process data.” Sad face emoji. But, what does it mean for you? It means that all the historical data collected and stored by UA to date may be permanently deleted. Unless…you sweep up that data goodness and move it to its new home on GA4.

I know right? This is no picnic. Hold tight for the drum roll.

So, what’s next? (You need to read this bit)

  1. Transition from UA to GA4 is mandatory

  2. Migration is not automated

  3. Data loss is inevitable

  4. Waaahhhhhhh!!!! It might be time to roll up your sleeves (or get us to help).


Why Is Immediate Migration To GA4 Beneficial?

On 1 July, 2023, a new Google sheriff is coming to town. UA will become obsolete, and GA4 will take over. So, Google hasn’t really left us a choice. There is also no process of automatic data transfer from UA to GA4. All your old data will be lost. But by switching to GA4 right now, you will have an entire year to migrate all your UA data to GA4. Great Scott! This will also enable you to run your current UA and new GA4 accounts simultaneously while collecting new data in GA4 without worrying about losing data at all. Now that’s a win-win!


But, what is GA4? (and why will you like it?)

By replacing UA with GA4, Google enables you to access its more advanced analytics service that will seamlessly measure traffic and engagement across websites and apps. Gucci.

  1. GA4 is more flexible and efficiently predicts user behaviour by utilising event-based, as opposed to sessions-based data collection model

  2. GA4 is claimed to support businesses by measuring data across customer lifecycles

  3. Its data-driven analytics analyses the full impact of your marketing services throughout customer journey

  4. Also, GA4 produces sophisticated predictive insights about conversions and user behaviour that will further enhance your business.

  5. The only other thing we can say about what GA4 means can be found here. *wink*


How can we help with your migration To GA4?

I know what you’re thinking. “Can’t someone just do this for me?” Well yes. Yes we can.

Fortunately, we follow such updates closely and take it upon ourselves to ensure efficient, effective and hassle-free transitioning so your business is not affected. The process is fairly straight-forward for us. Because we’re geeks. And we like Dashboards. Secretly – ok not secretly – we think they’re cool. Thanks to our experienced team, we provide swift setting up of your GA4 account alongside smooth transitioning of your UA data to GA4. Moreover, we would also be happy to train you and your team on what to expect from GA4, how to utilise it alongside your current UA, and how to continue using it after UA is phased out. Get on the blower for a yak.

So, the question is not ‘if’ you choose, but ‘when’ you choose to transition to GA4. We are an email away. But probably talk to Liz directly. Because Stu won’t be in the least bit interested and Richard thinks it’s boring. Always delighted to help!

PS.  If you think you might have a go yourself, like Hansel, please send us a video of how you got on. *chuckle* “It’s so simple…the files are IN the computer.”

Liz R

Passionate about making, storytelling, creating and great experiences.

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