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Unsurprisingly, sound, funded business advice and grants are on the Christmas wishlist of Auckland SMEs this year. So, as promised, we’re updating you with more information about the new NZ government funding from Auckland Unlimited. Purposefully, this business support is meant to build NZ business resilience and help Auckland owners to make decisions to stabilize and grow in 2022 and beyond.

What Business Advice is funded by Auckland Unlimited (and is my small business eligible?)

In anticipation of the Activate Tāmaki Makaurau funding announcement, we’ve covered the types of funding and eligibility criteria (have a read). Apparently, lots of applications are already underway. So, if you haven’t registered yet, get to it! As promised, Auckland Unlimited, which has spearheaded the programme, has provided more details on how SMEs can access funded Business Advice this week. The main takeout from their announcement focused on what to do if you want to apply for Implementation Grants and Business Advice.

Can I apply for both types of business support (Business Advice and Implementation Grants)

Importantly, if you think you might need more than one type of support, take it step-by-step. As we mentioned in our last post, these Implementation Grants are for NZ businesses who need help putting a plan into action. Therefore, if you’ve had previous funding and got a great business plan in place, you might want to apply immediately for Implementation. But, if you don’t yet have a solid plan, you’ll probably want to start with Business Advice to map out your next steps. Ultimately, make sure you don’t apply for both types simultaneously. (Because Advisors can approve only one round of funding at a time.)

Four types of Business Advisory services (that we can help with!)

For clarity, we’ve jotted down how we can support each offering against each of the types of funding.

  1. Business Planning, Strategy and Continuity

    Chat to us if you’re looking at a new product line or offering, exporting and landing a product in new markets.  Through the programme, we’ll offer business advice and mentoring services, including scaling, commercializing, targeting and developing brand stories, channels and content.

  2. Marketing Advice

    Likewise, looking for the gaps in your marketing strategies is a great place to start work with us. Firstly, we’ll sense check your brand’s value proposition development and consumer insights. Then we’ll constructively develop a roadmap of how to optimize your strategy.

  3. Digital Marketing

    Online channels need to be slicker than ever, so a digital-first marketing strategy is vital. Get advice on website strategy, channel planning, or content development.

  4. Digital Enablement Naturally, your team may need support to get up to speed in the Digital Space. Therefore, we can advise on how to increase online and digital productivity; improve customer engagement and interaction, or set up operational digitalization. Enablement includes coaching on SEO driven, relevant content writing, utilizing platforms and plug-ins, automation.

Is my Auckland business eligible for funded support or Grants?

The reality is a lot of businesses have faced pressure this year. So the Activate Tāmaki Makaurau will have to exercise discretion about their allocations. Check out the eligibility criteria but also remember the first port of call is your Growth Advisor. Thanks to the Regional Business Advisory Network, we’ve worked with some fantastic SMEs. Furthermore, we’ve seen them build their capability through coaching and advisory.

As always, check out the Activate Tāmaki Makaurau website for the latest updates. Or, we recommend following Auckland Unlimited on LinkedIn. Frequently, updates are posted by their Growth Advisors. Ultimately, they create funding plans and correct allocations of government funding for those who most need it, so make them your first contact.


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