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A few of our clients were asking for clarification on how to sign up for services on the Regional Business Advisory service, so we teamed up with How To Consulting to create a quick video of 5 Easy Steps.

Digital Enablement to empower you team

We have a variety of our normal digital enablement training and coaching services available through the programme.

Funded Services to support businesses during Covid Lockdowns

Lockdowns have made doing business a lot harder for many businesses. Firstly, we’re focused on helping Digitally Enable businesses to operate online when they can’t be open for business as usual. Secondly, we aim to build brands that grow through this period to the best of our ability.

Sign up and speak to a Growth Advisor.

Depending on your region, you’ll need to go through a Growth Advisor to check your eligibility for funding. For example, if you’re based in Auckland, the team at Auckland Unlimited will be able to help.

We also have training packages listed on the Management Capability fund. This is a co-funded programme.

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