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We’re now funded Regional Business Advisory Partners. If you haven’t heard yet, New Zealand’s COVID-19 Business Advisory Fund is now up and running.  Subsequently, you can access a share of the $25 million New Zealand Government has allocated to support businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic. We are excited, grateful and optimistic to now be listed as a 100% Funded Regional Business Partner.

Fully Funded Vouchers up to $5000 are available

This means if your business meets the simple criteria, you could be eligible to access up to $5000 (excl. gst). It’s worth finding out if your business could access a range of services – including ours – to help your business grow. 

Therefore, we’ve designed several services to address the issues your brand might be facing during COVID-19. Have a look at our COVID-19 webpage for more detail, or straight to our page on the Marketplace if you’re already registered to claim services.

At Good CX, we always start with the thought that people don’t buy commodities, they buy feelings. That’s why our blogs normally focus on distinguishing those very important feelings and the greater story behind them.

During COVID-19, globally we’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster. We’re making decisions we might not normally make and have less flexibility in our decision making.  Our stories have all changed.  This isn’t a newsflash. For your business, the impact is unavoidable. We wouldn’t be surprised if working out what your customers want is on your minds while you try and go to sleep. Keeping this in mind, our services have been designed to help you make the brand shifts your and your customers’ need.  And hopefully, get you a better night sleep in the process.

Get Your Business Registered Now!

To access any of our services that you are interested in, register on the official site and search Good CX Ltd in the Marketplace. Contact your local RBP Growth Advisor for a chat (they’re very friendly!) and let them know which of our services you are interested in. They will help to assess your business needs and provide access to funding for our services. You’ll need to go through your regional office. For example, in Auckland, you’d use Auckland Unlimited.

Also, we can tailor a package or hourly coaching specifically for you. Contact us and we’ll make a game plan.

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